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Video Games are the first novelty in art since the invention of the motion picture. And as an art form, they are channels for conveying the ideas and inspirations of their creators. And as such channels, they are inevitably statements of philosophy.

What is the purpose of art? It conveys something from the artist to the audience. Be it a certain feeling, historical information, an ideal or a way of looking at the world, everything conveyed is made to somehow better the recipient by allowing him to experience certain concepts or points of view he might not have had otherwise.

As games have increased in plot and conceptual depth from Pong to Final Fantasy, they are more and more capable of affecting the player's worldview and philosophy. For a truly comprehensive review of a game, therefore, it is necessary to study also the ideas and themes presented.

This site does not offer comprehensive reviews. I am only analyzing a very small part of a very few video games. Furthermore, I am only discussing those philosophies which I have found agree with my own, that is, a conservative Christian worldview. Also to be examined are those games that, while they may not carry a distinct message, better the lives of their players in other ways.
Neither is this site meant to present philosophy or theology systematically. The central purpose of this site is to show how well video games are suited to carry philosophical or theological messages, and how they already do so. At least as much time will be spent recounting and summarizing the relevant portions of each game in such a way as to draw out the intended message as will be spent on explaining what that message is.

- Laszlo Korossy

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